Thursday, March 10, 2011

Field trip (School bento #10)

Dear princess has gone on a school field trip this morning. It sounds like a lot of fun visiting the aeroponics and hydroponics farms. I've never visited them myself, and had hoped that the teachers would ask for parent volunteers, but unfortunately, they didn't. So anyway, when my alarm rang at 5.30am, I pressed the snooze button and thought to myself, to sleep in for another 10mins, and there was no need to wake up yet, since hubby would take the girl down to wait for the bus. He had woken up at 3.45am to catch a soccer match. But, it suddenly dawned on me that I had to prepare her bento for her outing. So, I literally crawled out of bed, and put the pandan bun to steam. In the same boiling pot, I added the sausages which I prepared thanks to this friend's tutorial. I didn't have time but how silly of me, I should have checked out her blog before doing it, as I placed the petals on wrongly, so it doesn't have a lovely brown colour. I had used the back of the petal thus it's pale-looking. Oh well, you live and learn. Anyhow, I still think the flower was very cute. There were also three big fat strawberries to go along on the trip. The sleeping bunny looks so comfortable resting on a big cushy pillow.

I packed her a big box of snacks to share with her friends during the long ride in the bus. It contains a medley of little bites such as M&Ms, raisins, cashews, chocolate-coated sunflower seeds, coloured goldfish, sancha and Cheezels. There is also a packet of pretzel sticks with cheese dip.

All ready to go, but Mr Orange isn't too sure about going on the journey.

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