Friday, March 11, 2011

Ballerina bento

Today is the last day of school. Hurray!! Right after school is piano make-up class (due teacher got dates mixed up and didn't turn up on Wednesday). While waiting to be done with class, I decided to update with today's lunch bento post. I made her a ballerina complete with hair tied up in a bun. I love the cute fringe which reminds me of my princess. The girl is made of rice with furikake in the middle. There are two cherry tomatoes, a strawberry, half a goreng pisang (banana fritter), a piece of Sea Shanty and some edamame. The word 'BALLET' is spelled out with alphabet pasta.

I couldn't take a better (sharper) picture as she was hungry when she got home and was rushing me to let her have her lunch.

Enjoy the holiday kids!


Cooking Gallery said...

Look at that little girl, so adorable...:D)!

SIG said...

Thanks very much. :)