Thursday, March 10, 2011

Barcook Bakery

My plan for today was to go Burger King and take advantage of their $1 burger deal. I had been looking forward to this promo since last week when I received a message on whatsapp from an ex-workmate of mine.

However, while waiting for friend to confirm if she can meet me, my plans were thwarted by a post I saw on FB. A friend was raving about these super decadently delicious cream cheese raisin buns from a certain bakery which has branches at Hong Lim Park and UOB Centre. Yup, that's right. For you Shenton Way peeps, if you don't know yet, tucked in the basement of UOB centre is a bakery by the name of Barcook. My curiosity aroused, I was out of the home in 2seconds to make my way there. While there, I love to browse a certain favourite shop in the same building, but before that, I had to get my hands on these yummies. I heard the queue can get quite long. Read this. While on SMS with a good friend working there, she shared that she loves the floss hotdog buns and could devour 3 at a go. That's it! Number 2 on my list of buns to try. She also said not to miss the bubble tea from a certain shop there. Oh how I envy these Shenton Way peeps. They get all the best foodstuff, all tucked in little corners that only those in the know, will know. ;P

Fortunately, when I got to the bakery, there were only 2 customers ahead of me. The staff were nice and friendly (maybe at this particular outlet), and even thanked me for my purchase. Wow, ok. The shop space is occupied by an open kitchen where you can watch the pastry chefs go about their job. The choice of buns were not that many, but I guess if they are all winners, there isn't a need to make a wide variety. I saw trays of buns on cooling trolleys waiting for their turn to leave the bakery.

I love love the plastic bags. :)

For myself, I ordered a red tea with sour plum as suggested and it's awesome! The pearls are of a really good quality and has a lovely bite to them. I can't stand those cheap ones which taste mushy. I believe these pearls are of the same quality as those you get at Koi. And for the girl, she gets a green apple ice-blended (non-tea based).

The hotdog buns were yum too but I don't think I could eat 3 at a go. I love the bread, but I find them quite solid as in not airy, which is excellent. Or maybe, I was already full from breakfast to begin with. The cream cheese raisin buns were lovely too, but I would have liked the cream cheese to be a little less runny. Give it a try when you are next in the area and you won't be disappointed.

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