Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Kitty moonie bento

I made two simple bentos for the girls this morning. Nothing that needed any cooking. Just the pandan cake I baked 2 days ago, mooncakes which I bought yesterday and sliced apples. My girl's bento had cherry tomatoes, and J's one had some biscuits to fill the gaps. I'm not sure if J eats mooncakes, but they were too cute to resist even though they don't look like the real kitty. :)


Yeapies said...

I'm always facinated and envied the cute stuff (as in food) you could get in SG. How I wish this small island I'm staying has even half of what you could get. :(
Btw, I just realized today you have left a comment on my blog in July. I felt so bad for not realizing earlier and responded. My sincere apologies for my "rudeness". And yes, I've following your blog for quite sometime and I think you make really great bentos! :)

Lia Chen said...

Wow! Hello Kitty mooncake is very cute in this bento :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

So cute leh the Hello Kitty mooncake.

SIG said...

Hi Yeapies, don't worry about it, you were not being rude. Welcome to my blog. :)

Thanks Lia and lcom, I love the kitty but the two girls did not eat them as they did not like the taste. One bit off a ear and the other didn't even touch it. Haha.

The Incidental Chef said...

OMG! The kitty mooncake is sooo.. cute. Can u advise where u bought this mould from? is it a wooden mould?


SIG said...

Hi Susanna, I did not bake these. Do you live in Singapore? I bought them ready made from
a bakery.

The Incidental Chef said...

Sigh! Wht a pity.....! MY dd is crazy abt hello kitty n would hv been delighted if i were to bake her Hello kitty mooncakes. Anyway...thks for the info! :)


p/s btw ...i live in australia but formerly from sg!

SIG said...

Ahh what a pity. If you come back, check gim hin Lee at haig road or Phoon Huat for wooden help kitty moulds.