Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup

Before this, I never knew I could reproduce this dish at home. It is one of my favourite dishes at the food courts and I always thought that it was a difficult dish to prepare. The first thing being the soup stock, and second being the fried fish. Thanks to a friend, I now know that it is actually very simple to do. Best of all, girl and hubby gave the thumbs up! Dear princess even requested it for her lunch tomorrow. :D

Here's the recipe. Thanks M, for sharing it.

For fried fish

Use Ang Kor Li




Spring Onions

2-3 slices of ginger

1 tbsp each of cornflour and potato starch to coat fish before frying

For fresh fish -

Use Bak Tang Fish



2 tbsp of potato flour

Mix potato flour in water and put fish inside. Put in fridge for 20mins to season.

Ingredients for fish stock:

1 inch of ginger (bruised)

4 to 5 garlic (bruised)

Fish bone

1 tomato cut into wedges

Evaporated milk

Hua Teow Chiew (or Chinese cooking wine)


1. Fry in oil the fish bone, ginger and garlic till fragrant.

2. When fragrant, add water.

3. Add 2 cubes of chicken stock.

4. Salt to taste.

5. Add about 2 tbsp evaporated milk or slightly more if preferred.

6. Add 1/3 tbsp cooking wine and turn off the flame immediately.

For the noodles, I used laksa noodles or thick bee hoon. Garnishes include seaweed, spring onions and fried shallots. You might like to add Szechuan vegetable to the soup if you prefer a slightly tangy flavour. Tofu is sometimes added to this dish as well.


Little Corner of Mine said...

You know, I haven't eaten this noodle dish before. And I don't think I have excess to the fish you mentioned. Only fish fillets here.

javapot said...

this is my fav noodles too, tks for sharing how to cook this.

SIG said...

LCOM - A pity, I know you will love it. Let me try to get the English name for it.

javapot - It is?? Try it sometime. :)

Angeleyes said...

I miss this so much! Can you believe it I eat this every other day when I was living in SG? hehehe

SIG said...

Gosh, I ate this throughout my pregnancy, Angeleyes.