Thursday, February 4, 2010

Morning time

Good morning all, before I begin, I would like to inform you that I have updated my lor mai gai post with the recipe. Do check it out and give it a try.

This morning began on a high note... literally. When the bus pulled up to our block, I saw these few girls in the school bus 'playing' or so I assumed. And was going 'tsk tsk' no seat belt on, not in their seats. These same girls usually are asleep or resting in there. When the bus door opened, I heard shrieks. Guess who the culprit was? A tiny roach probably less than 2cm. Curious me went aboard the bus as we hadn't yet known what was the cause of their screaming. I suspected it was a roach and was asking what it was but everyone was busy screaming and finally one girl said yes. Bus driver had to get off his seat to catch this tiny thing, but so funny it was as after that, no one wanted to sit in the 1st 2 rows. One girl was telling them not to scream and the older girls sitting at the back of the bus weren't even bothered or interested. I think they were just probably annoyed by these screaming monsters who were disrupting their sleep. So there begins a whole exciting day for some. :)

I hope to hear from the teacher today and fingers crossed they find the bag. I still can't figure out who would want to steal a lunch bag, it being bulky and all. My guess is that it is a prank or misplaced. Oh well, let's see what the teacher says.

I am really enjoying this morning session school more than I thought I would. I find that I have more time to do things. Getting her out of the way in the mornings has afforded me more time to spend on cleaning the home, getting meals ready, etc. When she was in the afternoon session, I woke up later in the morning, then I had to get ready her bento, get her ready for school etc and by the time she left for school, I was too tired to do anything else. If I went out, then I would be too tired to cook dinner after.

I love waking up early now, in the peace and quiet of the morning, start my washing load, prepare breakfast and do whatever I need to do. I even feel like mopping the house more often. I try to vacuum the floor in the evening and mop it in the morning, sometimes before the girl is awake. There's a feeling of liberation and a sense of accomplishment to complete my tasks before most people are awake. On most days, I start my slow cooker right after I prepare the food for school, and leave the soup to cook on its own. Very happy that I am now on a routine which hasn't yet turned monotonous.

Not sure if my body has adjusted, but waking up at 5.30am has been ok for me so far. I cooked more rice last evening for our dinner and left a portion so I could steam it to put into her bento. Upon waking, (for example this morning) I always start with steaming food. I need to get it done and cooled down before packing it into her box. I next plopped the seaweed chicken into the oven before putting a pot of water to the boil for the sausages. Next is to get the washing machine going. I love the whirring of the machine in the stillness of the morning.

I have also been blogging more these days. It's helped by a couple of factors, namely, a few blogger friends have come back to blogging (you know who you are. :P); there's some traffic on my blog as I have been visited by some people I have not 'met' before. I know there are many more silent ones who just want to remain that way. Thanks all, for stopping by. I have more time and things to blog about, and seeing these few friends update their blogs so frequently has motivated me and spurred me on. It's boring when you are the only one blogging, so keep up your blog posts, and so will I. ;)


javapot said...

know what u mean about getting ahead start early in the morning, so 'quiet' and able to accomplish many things :) keep it up!

tina said...

Hope you get some news from the school! We used to change classes too but I supposed yonks ago, children were more "kuai" hehe

Beau Lotus said...

Very kaypoh, who has come back to blogging?

I must say I'm very out of touch with what's happening in the blogosphere...

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haha, I am quite out of touch also. Yes, I have lots of silent readers too, if I didn't have the traffic tracker and based on the comments posted alone, I thought only a handful of people read my blog. :P

edith said...

Same here. I love the kids to be in the AM session. Definitely more time to do proper stuff. Now I am waiting for my helper to settle in. J to get his school time table fixed so that I can have more breakfast gatherings or even Lunch as there are remedial classes for them. Hurray!

Oil and Vinegar said...

I love the packaging for the food! It's so cheerful!

SIG said...

javapot - thanks :)

tina - I think it is gone for good. :(

Beau Lotus - Hahah, a few like HK Choo, she bakes and she cooks and some others, the people whose blogs I usually visit.

lcom - Ah you have 'spies' :P

edith - Yay! :P

Thank yo, Oil and Vinegar. :D

HK Choo said...

Ahem, excuse moi. Go, SIG go!