Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner bento

Since this week is revision week and the little girl is not in school, I decided to fix her bentos for her meals. I do not like keeping her at home as she tends to eat non-stop, and keeps complaining that she's hungry. Just like today, she had a muffin & a packet of milk for breakfast. Okay, granted lunch was a bit on the late side, but she did wake at 11! She had rice for lunch with loads of fruits, baby kai lan & cherry tomatoes. One hour later, she asked for something to eat so I gave her a muffin. She asked again not that long after and she got a whole dragonfruit. She ended up with an apple around 5.30. And while I was preparing dinner at 6, she kept going in and out the kitchen hahahaha. This gives me the excuse for not doing any decor on the rice balls. I kept them simple & presented them as Mickey. The main Mickey head had teriyaki chicken hidden within. It's her favourite chicken. There are fish fillet strips, baby kai lan, teriyaki chicken & cherry tomatoes on the side. Oops, better eat them fast; Hello Kitty's eyeing the food!

I'm very glad that she has started eating lots of veg now, so I decided to reward her in order to encourage her to eat more. It all happened overnight. We had dinner at Dad's one weekend, and he had cooked some Shanghai greens, somewhat like xiao bai cai. And she kept loading her plate with them. I was happy to see that for sure, as we used to have to force her to eat them. And from that day onwards, probably 3 wks' ago, she's been eating all manners of green leafy veg no problemo. All very weird. Hmm... So well, we asked her just a few days back and she said that she was afraid Grandpa would be angry if she didn't eat them. Well, that can't happen as she is his darling. Haha. I guess she just needed an excuse for herself. So now my next hurdle is fish. I prepared two charts for her, one for fish and the other for veg and when she collects a number of stickers, she gets to exchange them for something. She's having fun every day, adding new stickers and watching the list grow.

Hubby's home today so he's working with her on her Maths. I will take over the language papers once he's back to work tomorrow. I need to get her back to study mode again as we had a break over the weekend due to studying lots last week. I'm glad that language paper 1s are over and done with, and so have the orals, show & tell etc. Heaved a sigh of relief last Thursday.

Party's over! It's back to the grill tomorrow. :P All the best to those taking their exams next week.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Bravo to S! Green leafy vegetable is so good for us, glad that she started liking it. Fish is another great alternative to meat. You are on the roll mommy D. :)

SIG said...

lcom - Yes, I'm happy. :) And yes, I am indeed! Haha.

HK Choo said...

Conquering the food item one by one...the stickers sure gave her the motivation! Don't kids just love that?

What's the cute like HK clipped on the side watching over the bento like a hawk? *~*

Jori said...

Wow - sounds like they really hit the books heavy over there. Canadian children don't have 'exam' sessions until they are in highschool.

Love the latest bentos!