Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cream Cracker Cake

Look at how my cream cracker cake turned out. Ain't they gorgeous? Unfortunately I was too lazy as always. I love to be quick in baking, and have no patience whatsoever in wasting time waiting for cakes or cookies to bake. The quicker their out of the over the better. Thus, I made the mistake this time for not using smaller cups. They were beautiful but oh so heavy, as in rich. I couldn't finish a whole cupcake at one go. Maybe because it was very dense, it made it difficult for me to digest. My girl loves them and she had one full one plus half of the one I left behind. It's a lovely cake really, and I wouldn't say it's super easy to do, but the job is best left to the cake mixer.

I received this packet of mix from a friend last month. She got it from Cooking Island. Apparently they are very famous for this mix, and the kind soul went all the way to the shop to get me a packet. Thanks so much.

When I first received it, I was like, what's this? I've never heard of this cake in my life. She assured me that she's tried it before so not to worry, it will turn out well. Haha.

The recipe on the packet says 6 eggs & 250g butter. Ok, the eggs did scare me a little.

What I dislike most about adding eggs to butter is that they curdle too easily, hence my explanation at the start of this post about my laziness. Well, this recipe sure was a test of my patience. But I had to constantly remind myself that I couldn't afford to mess it up as it was the only packet I had, and how was I going to blog about it as requested if I had allowed all those eggs to curdle? So I very patiently let the mixer do its work, thank God I didn't use manual labour. I wouldn't have arms left. Below is the result of my 'hard' labour (meaning constantly reminding myself not to add more eggs in before the last bit has been well blended). Look how beautiful the creamed eggs turned out. Phew.

Adding the premix was easy peasy. It's done!

I didn't follow friend's method of piping them, as I thought to myself, if they are going to be steamed, and being of such heavy texture, they were bound to flatten before ballooning. Thank goodness I decided on the lazy way, as they turned out really well.

This was before they were put in the steamer.

I bought the following block of butter with the intention of steaming the above cakes. However, this disgusting sight greeted me when I peeled open the packet. Needless to say, I was mad, having just walked the distance to the supermarket and back for that. But I did return it later in the day, and went off to another supermarket to get some. Make sure you check your butters before baking. I've never come across such a sight, and always take for granted that they are fresh inside. I will be careful from now on.

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HK Choo said...

Well done on the dome-shaped outcome, now you gotta teach me how you got that *.*
By the way, how many pieces of the cake you got?

Yucks on the butter and lucky for your sharp eyes to spot it, else the bag of 'precious' would be ruined, hahah.. Go lodge an official complaint to the ever effective sg govt and see justice be done for you walking the distance under the hot sun :P