Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Breakfast bento

After last evening's very light dinner for the princess, I decided to fix her a heavy breakfast else I know she'll wake with a very empty tummy & demand her breakfast pronto.

She found me in the kitchen when she awoke, commenting that I would normally be in the computer room but she couldn't find me there (guilty, guilty :P).

This was a very quick to prepare bento. The first thing I did was to put a pot of water to the boil for the sausages. I then washed a banana & cut it into pieces with skin attached. I did cut slits on each one of them so that it is easier for her to peel them. Strawberries were just washed and sliced in half. I also made use of this 2-tone cheese which I made some time back, and decided to use my gingerbread man cutter for that. The hotdog bun was cut open in the middle and the man stood right in the middle of it. I filled up the gaps inside with bits & pieces of cheese.

I love these little hotdog buns from one of those small local bakeries. I especially love them with a piece of otah within. Yummy! They are a good size for kids.

P.S. For those interested in learning how to do the striped cheese, do refer here.


Jori said...

mmm.... looks really good! I think it's time for lunch.

How did you make the 2 tone cheese? It looks great!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Otak hotdog buns, oh man, only in S.E.A we will get to eat this type of buns. Envy!

HK Choo said...

Nice big fat juicy gingerbread-man cheese..alot of effort there!!

SIG said...

Jori - Hi there, this is how you achieve the two-tone cheese... its instructions are very clear. It's where I learnt to do it. Do check it out.

lcom - Yeah! I love otah buns!

HK Choo - Haha, pretty chubby man I cut the cheese too thickly that's why. :P It's not tough to do.

HK Choo said...

Ya, I did the 2-toned cheese before...very easy but need to buy 2 packets of different coloured cheese.