Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's finally here! - Be warned... mega long post with ramblings

Today was a mega busy day for me. Was out of the house since late morning, went to pick princess from school then rushed to paed before they closed for lunch, just so we wouldn't have to wait hours to see him after. She's started coughing again so have to increase dosage back to initial stage. He had only decreased it a week ago. However, was told that a viral cough triggered it, so now back to square one. Sigh.

Then was rush rush, had to do a quick spot of shopping to pick up a farewell gift, rushed to post office to collect parcel, back home to drop it off then out again to swim class. Gosh. I wonder where I get all the energy from. Hehe.

I'm very happy, though, that I managed to clear a few Christmas gifts on my list with a quick 30-min visit to the bookstore, erm, make that 40mins as our dear princess decided to make herself at home and dismantled a 48-piece jigsaw puzzle and mummy had to squat and help her fix it all back, and it didn't help poor mummy's feet one bit.

Harris had just opened a branch at Suntec City 3 days ago as informed by the staff. Harris is the slightly more upmarket 'sibling' of Popular Bookstore. Being new has its advantages as most books are still in mint condition as opposed to the ones in the older bookstores. I'm really happy as Borders has just opened their latest outlet at Parkway Parade, replacing the old MPH. I do so miss MPH though, as it was there with me throughout my growing up years and beyond. It was there when Parkway first started business. So it was indeed very sad when they had to close. One by one the various branches are closing and being replaced by foreign imports such as Borders. Even Times the Bookstores are dwindling in numbers.

Well, so much for that... So today I finally sorted out that parcel from my cookie exchange partner, the person who was supposed to send them to me. Gosh, this Singpost is mega screwed up. I wish I could use harsher words but this being a family-friendly blog, I have to watch my language. I was seriously pi**ed with them! Apparently they had tried delivering the item to me but I didn't have the slightest idea that it had arrived. So HKChoo, the sender, was a bit suspicious of matters, especially since the parcel from the US arrived so soon. A package from Malaysia wouldn't have taken more time than one from so far away. So thankfully she had registered the item and was able to trace it. Thus she knew that it failed to be delivered. Armed with the trace number etc, I rang up the parcel tracing department and the person whom I spoke to, took my message and said she'd get the appropriate branch to give me a call to arrange for the delivery. I assumed the call would come on the same day, so I waited. The whole of yesterday there was no call. And even today there was no call. So what was I to do??? I marched down to the post office and tried to control my temper. After all, it was no fault of the staff there and I am so proud of myself that I remained composed throughout. She searched high and low and finally, yes, there it was!!! I breathed a sigh of relief. I asked for a feedback form and nicely told her about the problem. I mean it isn't the first time that such a thing has happened. I believe what happened was that the postperson did not put the advice slip under the door or somewhere where the wind wouldn't blow away. MIL sent a parcel a couple of months back and the advice slip was found when a certain kapo saw a slip of paper outside her neighbour's door and kapoed to have a look at it. Sure enough, there was princess' name in big prints. So I told the lady I don't want such things happening again thus I would like to feedback to whoever's in charge as I am expecting more parcels arriving. She didn't have the forms but instead gave me the number for a certain dept. What a rollercoaster!

And guess what? When we got home, what were we to find under the door??? Another slip!! This time from MIL! Yikes, another trip to the post office tomorrow!!! But this time he/she had the good sense to place it under the door. I'm not sure if it was due to my feedback over the phone yesterday that they've bucked up a little. So, I've decided to keep that little slip of paper with the number for another time when they slacken again. :P

Well, well, I guess it's time to give some attention to the parcel. HKChoo, thanks so much for your little parcel, made with all your love. Everything from scratch, even the pineapple filling for the pineapple tarts. I truly appreciate it. And also the lovely thought of the teddy bear with stickers for princess. Before I read your card, I already said it to her that Auntie HK put that in for her. She loves it. Thank you. I also love that you did the paper cutouts of the angels, so lovely of you. I'm sure that took a lot of effort. Tell you a secret... I have that same punch. ;) And I know it's not easy to punch them out.

The cookies were great. Princess couldn't wait to sink her teeth into them. She said yummy when I gave her a taste of the chocolate apricot ones, and later, daddy gave her the pineapple ones. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that tarts don't ship very well. They are very fragile. I don't know how many you made, but I managed to salvage 3 flowers. The rest had turned to dust, so that's why they were not photographed as per your request. ;) But no, they were not mouldy. The other cookies, the healthy tasting ones, haha, are they meant to be soft? I'm not sure as there was a tiny tear when I looked at the packet so not sure if they were supposed to be crispy.

By the way, hubby, who was reading my blog reminded me that I forgot to reply someone's comment in one of the posts. Haha, so here you go HK, the training chopsticks...

Thanks once again, HK, for the lovely package.


HK Choo said...

you're most welcome, deb...glad that you like the package, despite the long wait.

thanks for remembering the training chopsticks pix as well.. :)

debra said...

Wow one parcel after another. And more coming?! You're one lucky girl you know. Can't remember when was the last time I received a parcel.

Little Corner of Mine said...

What a busy day that was! But luckily the package didn't get lost. If not heart ache since it's made with love.

singairishgirl said...

hk choo - Oh yes, super long wait. Haha. You're welcome. How to forget when hubs had just reminded me before I logged in?

debra - More is from MIL who always sends her little princess clothes. Lucky? Well, I also had to work hard in order to send mine, you know? Haha. It's 'exchange'?

singairishgirl said...

little corner of mine - Yes, was a busy day, and indeed, can't imagine if the parcel had gone missing. Glad it didn't.

daphne said...

i think i need that pair of chopsticks. ;p

I dont know what's wrong with the post these days but I noticed that both the SG and Australia side is also getting less efficient. Hopefully things will get sorted out sooN!

InspiredMumof2 said...

Wow, thats a really long post :-) Nice to receive so many parcels. SingPost is very commercialized, marketing products quite aggressively these years. Only time, when I sold something online, the item which was mailed to the buyer had been tempered with. Luckily, the item is not missing.

Paw Paw said...

one parcel after next...Santa is early....Ha!

beachlover said...

I really afraid of asian postal service.Here in US,the postal service are more realiable that the reason,Ebay doing very well here.Nowdays I seldom send stuff home,too trouble for my family there,just send $$$ mom said..hahaha!!.I didn't know there is such a cute training chopstick avaliable,we usually make our training chopstick with rubberband and papper..Hmmm...where can I buy that kind of training chopstick?

Shazz said...

Daphne - Hi...just out of curiosity, are u studying in Perth? I'm at UWA. U? Sorry singairish gal's mum..nothing to do with ur blog :)

debra said...

Oh would also love to know where I can get that kind of training chopsticks.

singairishgirl said...

daphne - You do?? Hahaha. I don't get things from Oz and I haven't been mailing things to sis, but it used to take about 4 days or so. I know that recently England was having some postal strikes so the stuff mil sent were delayed a fair bit but these two lots had no problem.

inspiredmumof2 - Tampered? I don't know about that, but customs does have a right to check, no? I know sometimes when mil sends stuff they come in the original envelope but destroyed a bit and they use a plastic bag to re-wrap it.

paw paw - Ya, hahaha.

beachlover - Ya, hehe, money is the best, but some things you can't get over here so it's nice to receive them. The training chopsticks is sold online. Maybe I will do a post on it.

debra - Read above reply.