Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some updates

Picked little one up halfway through school yesterday to attend a puppet show at the Asian Civilisations Museum. It was organized by her previous play school and grandpa being friends with the owner's husband, got free invites to the show. They were delighted to see her as the last time they saw her was when she left the school at age 3 and she's grown a whole lot since then.

It was quite a nice little performance with 5-6 actors and the kids enjoyed it. Little Princess thought it was too short. She asked for more, but when told it was over, she wasn't too pleased, and said she didn't like it. Hahaha. Well, if you didn't like it, why ask for more?

It was also such a coincidence that the nursery class kids from her school were at the earlier show, but she was very shy and did not want to go say 'hi' to the teachers.

Baked these cupcakes this morning to use as test cuppies. Want to practise icing on them.

I had to attend the lunchtime mass at the Cathedral today so dropped princess over to grandma's office which is very near there. Was a good idea as I had arrived at 1.15pm sharp when the mass started and there was only standing space at the entrance to the church. Can't imagine if she had been with me, with no seats. So having picked up some stuff yesterday, to make sushi for her today, I initially planned to get mum to take her to lunch, but since I had a little time left to prepare them, I didn't want to disappoint her.

Erm.. . ok, initially meant to make little futomakis for her but no time so just made something simple. Actually, I had already cut everything into strips but just not enough time to assemble them. :P

So off to grandma's office with her little bento lunch. Didn't make those tamago maki. They were bought yesterday at Japanese mart.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Which recipe did you use for your test cuppies?

HK Choo said...

looks like you're on the trail of peony,, the bentos :)

daphne said...

Love the bento set. U are a hardworking mummy preparing little princess' lunch! Hope u will have the time to make the futomakis soon! i think they will look adorable n delish.

singairishgirl said...

hk choo - Peony inspires me :)

daphne - Thanks Daphne. When you are a mum, I bet you will be the same. ;) Oh yah, pretty busy these days but hope to be free after this Sunday. Woohoo! Ah thanks, unfortunately the last of my hello kitty seaweed. Hehe.

Jori said...

I would certainly love to have a yummy looking lunch like that! You are such a great mom!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

That looks like a fun bento lunch!

singairishgirl said...

jori - I would love one for myself too. Haha, but was in a hurry even preparing that one.

east meets west kitchen - Yes, it sure was fun and she finished everything! :)

BoZo said...

Yeah.. Debra your cupcakes looked good! Well Done!