Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cuppies for a special friend and updates

Hello everyone, I'm back! Not sure how long I will stay, though. Over the past month, it's been crazy preparing for Princess' final year exams. I'm glad it's all over, a weight has been lifted off my mind and shoulders. I'm happy that the hard work paid off, and she improved in her weakest subject. I'm glad that I made the right decision in sending her for enrichment class after her dismal results at mid year.

In between exams, I took time out to make some cuppies for a good friend of mine for her birthday. I'm happy that she liked them. There were a few more that I made, but I need to find the photos for them.

I also stopped making bentos. Just lost the interest for making them. Hope to regain it again soon. I did make a simple one for school one morning. In the bento was a ham and cheese sandwich, some homemade croutons, a box of Smarties, cubed dragonfruit and a cherry tomato.


javapot said...

on a second look, noticed the purse/handbag, ring and shoes - how sweet!!

i'm also less stressed that the kids tests are done for the year!

SIG said...

Hehe javapot, I love them! Great to hear all mums and dads are having a stress-free time now after the exams.

HK Choo said...

Awesome girlie cuppies...and kudos to Princess for her achievement. Exams over, now is party time eh?

SIG said...

Thanks Choo, yup, party time!