Sunday, November 7, 2010

BeanSTRO by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Have you been to Marina Bay Sands? Hubby said he'd take me there one day, so we finally made it today. We met the girlfriend and her family for brunch at the new BEANstro at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. If you go there by taxi, be sure to tell the driver that it is at Tower 1 or 2.

We started off with drinks...

I opted for the White Chocolate Latte, which is very rare for me as I do not normally consume caffeine. It's just the words 'white chocolate' got me interested. Truth be told, it wasn't worth the caffeine intake as I could hardly taste any white chocolate. Maybe the hot version would have been a better choice.

I ordered, by special request, a hot White Chocolate for the girl. I requested for a special something to add to her drink but I will not reveal what it was, else I might get my head chopped off. :{ Oh Mr GM, is it possible to add a caffeine-free hot White Chocolate or ice-blend for kids onto the menu please? Hint hint.

Godbrother no.3 had a Chocolate Banana ice-blend, a favourite of ours too.

Breakfast specials include the delicious and tummy-filling Buttermilk Waffle with caramel sauce and freshly-whipped cream.

Princess had this for her main course and godbro no.4 had it for his dessert after trying a piece of hers. Hehe. Yums!

And the very popular and beautifully-done Eggs Benedict for godbro no.2.

For starters, we (the gf and I) shared an Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad,

as well as Skinny Fries which were very well-done and super crispy.

Godbro no.3 had the Fried Pacific Dory for his main, which came with a side of skinny fries and salad.

The adults mostly had this, except hubby who went for the Caesar Salad with roasted chicken which we did not take a photo of. This is the delish King Prawn Fettucine. Uber delish! Ask for more black pepper.

Godbro no.4 had a Herbed Chicken Club.

To round off her meal, the princess had a serving of Berry'd Treasure yoghurt swirl with an extra 2 servings of marshmallows. Indulgence or what?

This cafe is rather big and has plenty of seating. The best seats are the ones outside, around the fountain area where you can watch the boats going by, somewhat like those gondolas you see at The Venetian, Las Vegas. However, it's more like wannabe gondolas which don't quite make it. The fountain in the middle of the roundabout is not working and there isn't really much to be seen in that small man-made river, nothing like that of The Venetian. One word of caution... flies! If you don't like them, then I suggest you find a seat within the cafe. Or, bring your own fly swatter. The server explained to us that the flies came in through the opening above the 'fountain'. There is a hole there as the roof doubles up as a wishing well. It is for the coins to go down through, but due to the poor design, most coins get stuck at the bottom of the 'bowl' ceiling and gives one the impression that there might be mould all over. It is pretty unsightly. Our server also explained that the flies are coming due to the ongoing renovations around the place. Let's hope the fly situation clears up once all the renovations are done.

Pricing for the food and drinks here aren't the same as what you would expect to pay at most CBTL outlets. The quality of food here is higher and according to hubby, the ice-blends are smoother than what you would usually get. There is also a wider variety of food choices.

We enjoyed our brunch very much, and also the company of our friends made it all the more enjoyable. Thanks for the lovely meal. I would go back again another time, just to try the eggs ben and the eggplant lasagne which I believe, is to die for.


Little Corner of Mine said...

What a wonderful meal you had! I liked the king prawn fettucine.

SIG said...

Oh yes, lcom! Loved them all and their presentation. :D