Thursday, August 13, 2009

More bentos, some pretty ones, others not so. :P

My inspiration for this bento came from shopping mum. When I saw how she made the little flower girls, I fell in love with the idea and decided to adopt it. I didn't do it immediately of course, because knowing me, I can be a procrastinator at times.

On a bed of macaroni and cheese lays a pretty flower girl (whose face is made from mantou) with a ribbon in her hair. Her rosy cheeks are made from the red part of crabsticks, cut out with straws. Love her eyelashes. It's the first time I'm making those. This Pikachu bento box is a perfect shape and size for this design.

Bakerzin was having a promo on macarons and certain cheesecakes, and it was a great deal at 50% off the normal price, during the month of July. We chanced upon it during one of our visits in mid-July. Couldn't resist picking up a dozen of the macarons. Actually, was thanks to Princess who discovered it. Each time we visit the store, you'll be sure to find her checking out the desserts at the counter before she even sits down to place her order. She saw the sign advertising them and told me about it, so curious me had to check it out as I didn't believe her. Hehe.

In the dessert part of the bento, there is the pistachio macaron, some blueberries for Mr Frog's eyes, using the white of crabsticks for the eye lids, some cherries, and flower biscuits (my all-time favourite childhood snack).

These following bentos have no stories to tell...


Went to dinner one evening with friends, and prepared this for princess' dinner. I love the maki (homemade) wrapped with clingwrap and ribbons to hold the wrappers in place.

A dessert monster (that's what princess is ;P) made with pistachio & sakura-flavoured macarons for eyes, with teeth made of golden kiwi (look at all those cavities hehe), and a kinder bueno nose. Needless to say, she loved her dessert very much, although she didn't notice the bar of chocolate till I pointed it out to her at the very end of her meal (this picture was taken from the top, and it doesn't show, but the choc is blocked from her view by all the coloured paper cups. :)


I made a sausage-wrapped prata and served it with monster crisps. This bento went with us to Godma's house one Saturday after class. We usually have a very late lunch on Saturdays, sometimes as late as 3pm, as her class is right smack during lunch hours. There is an assortment of fruits and a big slice of Cookies & Cream Cheesecake from Bakerzin (this was one of those on offer).

This bento had fried Disney Princess pasta with spam, and chicken corn sticks at the sides. In the dessert portion, there is a mini pandan mantou, some yellow cherry tomatoes, and green apples resting in my very new and favourite bear silicon cup. Love it!

Sausage pratas are my latest favourites to do as you can see.. they are so easy to put together. A sausage boils so quick and easily, and the prata take less than a minute from frozen. All you need is a pan with few drops of oil.

If you notice, the next two bentos are really plain and simply put together. That sums up my mood of doing bentos... zero! It gets tiring thinking of stuff to come up with and there were days when I just lump them all together in a box and send her off to school with it.

Some days, this is all I give her, and some pocket money... ok, go buy some sushi and place them in the box. Hahahhaa!


This bento was made yesterday, after I decided I really need to put more effort into making her nice bentos as I have been rather lazy of late. It so happened that I was checking mothering corner's blog for inspiration, and here comes princess, looking through the array of bentos created by this capable mum, and declares, 'I want her to be my mummy, her bentos are so nice!' A wake-up call! Hehhe. So this mummy better work harder lol. I sort of had an idea what to do, the next thing was to execute it, and presto, here's Miss Mousey with her little mousey friend. I couldn't find a cat divider so I think a friend is much better than a foe. ;)

Today's bento has a thousand-legged worm. Hehe. This was again something that I saw in mothering corner's blog which I liked. I finally have the fork and spoon puncher all the way from PG but haven't really put it to good use. There is fried udon with carrot strips and spam, body made from meatballs, head done with fishball, and apple cake which I just baked yesterday.


Maya Yunos said...

E flower girl is so pweety! I liked it! :) I guess E bigger E sausage, the bigger E hair right? Hehehe

SIG said...

Hahha ya Maya, I suppose. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Kawaii desu ne!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Sig, wow! Outstanding! You sure have got a talented, creative mind.
I have seen many bentos in many bloggers postings, but none so creative like yours.
Bet you open a Bento shop, the line-up will go around the block, ha ha.
Have fun, Lady....and keep a song in your heart, best regards, lee.

Jori said...

You let Princess know that I would be more than happy to have you as my Mum making my bentos each day. Even when they aren't "inpired", your bentos are amazing.
When my son's were little, the fanciest lunch they got would be lunch meat wrapped in a tortillia shell!

Thanks for sharing. You are a great Mom!

Susan Yuen said...

Great bentos, my favorite is the flower girls and Miss Mousey! :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i love the mantou girl with sausage hair...very pretty indeed!

SIG said...

lcom - Thanks dearie. I'm looking forward to yours when Evy goes school. :)

Uncle Lee - Hi there, thanks for visiting, and for your very kind words. You made my head swell hehe. Haha, I've heard of the idea to open a bento shop by many friends, but no, it's not in my plans anytime
soon. :)

Jori - Yup, hehe, she'd better appreciate or I'll go be your mum. Lol! Tortilla, hmm, good idea for bento. ;P

Susan - Thanks dear, those are my two favs too.

Rita - Thanks! I totally love that. :D