Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ice-lollies & bentos

Primary 1 - 5 kids were given the day off on Thursday and yesterday due to the Primary 6 kids having their oral exam. Since I had my regular once every 3 months' doctor's appointment, I left princess with grandma as I do not like bringing her to the hospital. There are all sorts of germs and bacteria there so it's better to be safe than sorry. It's an arrangement I've made with mum since the girl was very little. I don't have help at home, so I dump leave her with grandma every time I have an appointment. However, these days, I tend to arrange for it to be after the girl leaves for school. But once in a while, something unexpected comes up, like this holiday which I had no idea of.

We met mum for lunch at Ion, at the B4 foodhall. All the scrumptious Japanese food were calling my name. I saw the takoyaki counter and remembered reading about it in a write-up a few weeks' back, and made a mental note to go back for it. There wasn't a queue at all. However, my mission was to go in search of the wassant which my girl loves. I found the bakery and was told to go back in 10mins. Meanwhile, I went back to the takoyaki counter and guess what???? A queue had formed of say 8 people?! Argh, why didn't I just buy it the first time?? *bangs head* So when my turn came, they had sold out the first batch and I spent 15mins standing in line! Thus, I missed my wassants. When I finally got hold of the tako balls, I went back to get the wassants but guess what?? The batch had sold out! Huh?! It goes that fast???? Apparently it's true. Each time a batch comes out, they just fly off the shelves. The first lot I got was 10. After lunch. I only had 8 left as princess had 2 on the spot. It is THAT addictive! I thought to myself that I ought to get more else there'd be none left by the time we got home. Hahaha. And while I was at it, I decided to buy more, some for my doc, so all in yesterday alone, I bought 25 wassants! Goodness! I saw a lady who balanced at least 40 on her tray. Haha. Just from that little bun alone, the cash register wouldn't stop ringing!

I left them after lunch and the 2 of them wandered around Ion, window-shopping before making their way to The Esplanade where mum had some work to do. She very kindly bought princess the little star silicon ice-tray, and later in the evening, a lovely cosmetic case which princess was eyeing and thinking about the entire afternoon. She was very good though. Grandma offered to buy her both items but she declined at first. She chose the ice-tray. But by the end of the evening, after I met up with them, she decided she wanted the case after all, so she can use it as a pencil case. Reason being 2 of her classmates had the same ones!

We made Ribena ice-lollies this afternoon and she enjoyed them very much. I'm not sure if sis remembers, but when we were young, I used to love to make Milo ice-lollies in ice-trays. I am actually very keen on picking up pushpop-type ice-lolly moulds which KY got. Can't wait to get them. :) For now, we're happy with this star straw one. Love the glitter on the straws.

Poor hubby had to work till 2am today and only had his dinner at that time. On his way home, he stopped by Mac's and he was telling me how crowded it was at that time! Singaporeans sure eat at all times, don't they? As long as an eatery is open 24hrs, you'll be sure to attract a crowd.

Since he only had to go to work at 5.30pm today, I decided to make him a bento so he won't have to starve. In his bento, there is fried rice, samosas, Ikea meatballs, siew mai and tamago. I also gave him a fruit bento of strawberries and plum.

While I was preparing hubby's bento, princess came into the kitchen and asked if I was doing a bento for her. I said no, and that I was doing it for daddy. She said she wanted 1 as well. Thankfully I had baked extra meatballs and steamed extra siew mais. Haha.

We ended up going to a Japanese restaurant for Aunt's birthday dinner, after visiting my grandma. I gave her the choice to eat from the restaurant and told her she just had to eat the stuff in her bento minus the rice. However, she insisted she wanted her bento. So phew, didn't waste my food. :P And she even ate the rice, since she loves sprinkling it with furikake.


HK Choo said...

Nice nice for each photo, ahhah.. :)

SIG said...

Haha. No, only the one. The other one's still in freezer.

Little Corner of Mine said...

That would be too messy for my girls to eat. :P

SIG said...

lcom - Hahaha, maybe when they are older?

Susan Yuen said...

I have an ice tray just like that! :) Great looking bentos as always!

SIG said...

Susan - Tks for your compliment. Do those lollies for your kids then. ;D

Shazz said...

1. what are wassants?
2. Arghhh...we never go to japanese restaurants for any event when I'm there. Well, was supposed to go for lunch with Ah yee but that fell through :( We definitely have to go next time I'm there!
3. I sprinkle everything with furikake!

SIG said...

Shazz - Sorry to have missed you. Wassants are little buns shaped like croissants and are super addictive, especially the chocolate ones. U can't stop popping them in the mouth. And yes, we HAVE to go Jap when you're here! Haha re furikake. That's where she got it from then. :P