Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pork Bulgogi Udon

I have been preparing lots of one-dish meals lately. Firstly, to minimise cleaning up, and secondly, to make life easier for me. School holidays are busy times, with lots of activities to do, which leaves very little time for food prep. Of course, it's not really all true, just being lazy. :P

Sick of pasta all the time, I decided to do this using udon. I remembered seeing Peony do a fried udon dish recently. That gave me the idea. I have done fried udon before, and I thought the bulgogi will go very well with the noodle. Mum recommended the bulgogi marinade and it looked good. I do like some of the Asian Home Gourmet ready-mixed spices which I've tried so far. I love the convenience of it and I do use it a lot. The Thai pineapple rice is nice too. Mum has a whole fridge-ful of such ready spices hehe.

Here are the ingredients I used for this dish...

I marinaded the pork yesterday, thinking I was going to prepare this dish for dinner. However, at the last minute, we had a change of plans as princess wanted to swim at her friend's place for a lot longer than planned.

I picked these up from the Cold Storage at Takashimaya, and was delighted to see Japanese cabbage & bunashimeiji, from Japan. The best part is that both of them were selling at very affordable prices. I also added in some broccoli for fibre.

Ooo... look what I found at the supermarket?? Cold Storage's very own kids' sausages. What I love about them? Well, I haven't tried them out. But what made it very interesting was the various flavours they come in. Here, I picked the broccoli & cheese ones. I saw yoghurt & apricot, and carrot & apple, not sure what else there were. For sure, these will be a regular in my fridge. I love how they take the basic sausage and add in veg & fruits which most kids do not like, and make them into yummy food. Well done! I'm sure most mummies will approve. Love the very cute packaging too.

For tea yesterday, I picked up some 'happy donuts', and sushi to take to her friend's place.

I couldn't resist the hello kitty ones.

Today, she's off to art camp an entire day. Thanks to IM who introduced me to this place. I do love it. And I think the girls will have loads of fun. I prepared the bento below to take with me when I collect her from art camp. I know this girl of mine when she's hungry, she's not very patient. Many a times I have been nagged at while preparing dinner, as, it's late mummy, it's already 6pm, still not ready?? It's 6.11!

In the bento are hello kitty sushi, broccoli & cheese sausage, and white nectarine.

This is the end result of my udon with pork bulgogi... err... not very appetising-looking, but it wasn't bad at all... subtly flavoured, although I had to add in some soy sauce, a drizzle of sesame oil, and some black pepper to make it more tasty.


Little Corner of Mine said...

I liked this brand of Thai Pineapple rice too! But how come the bulgogi turned out to be in this color? I thought it should be like brown color. The bratwurst is very creative, I don't think we have this kind of bratwurst here.

SIG said...

Yes, C, I also don't know why it turned out so white. Bit disappointed but at least taste was there. I wanted to put some black sauce but ran out of it. Yes, this is specially created for cold storage. You don't have other brands there that have veg n fruit mixed in?

ganache-ganache said...

I like the packaging of the kid's sausages, so cute & attractive, I'll definitely check it out the next time I go home !

SIG said...

ganache-ganache - Oh yes, do that!