Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All about bentos

The bento above was made for dinner one evening. I thought it was easier to eat the hotdog in the bento box than on a plate. I boiled some young corn and cut up an apple. The hotdog was drizzled with cheddar cheese. It was delicious!

On most Saturdays, we spend approximately 5-6hrs at ballet school. As we are preparing for a concert, we've been busy helping with the sale of tickets. When we eventually leave the place and head home, it'd be after 3pm before we have our lunch. The week before, one of the dads went to pick up some pohpiah as snacks to munch on while we worked. However, I was told that I was the only there last Saturday, so I decided to pack princess and myself some lunch, since there won't be anyone to take over me if I wanted to pick up some food at the coffee shop. It was decided upon waking that I would prepare something quick, easy, and convenient enough to eat. I haven't been preparing much bento, thus decided I should do one for Princess.

I picked up some short grain brown rice from the supermarket last week, and haven't had a chance to put it to use. I thought I'd try it mixed with the white short grain rice. It was nice. For princess, it's the usual suspects of broccoli, ham, crabsticks. The onigiri had furikake mixed in.

For her dessert portion of the bento, there was golden kiwi, pear, and two macarons from Mezza 9, which were a gift to her from her godma's friend.

This is my big portion of furikake onigiri. It was yummy!


Susan Yuen said...

Love the hotdog with cheese idea! What a cute bento box!

SIG said...

Tks Susan!

shoppingmum said...

I still can't find HK fishcake here, it's really cute for bento!

SIG said...

Oh, here also can't find.. I was lucky this was sold with the sushi. They have sometimes at the Jap supermarkets but also very seldom.