Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bento #65

There are actually going to be a few bentos on this post but I am lazy to number them so I will just consolidate and name them as bento #65. ;)

I made the above bento for girl before she left for school. There were cherry tomatoes, carrots with mayo dip, udon with furikake on the side, and a fishball. No decor except for the leaf picks, and the fork & spoon punchouts on the fishball.

I also prepared this other bento of fruits but decided not to give it to her. I doubt she could consume it after having a piece of bread for her breakfast, followed by the bento above this. I decided to keep it till later when I go down to her school for parent volunteer programme this afternoon. It's a great idea, as I will be able to give her fresh food, as opposed to sending it to school with her and then by the time recess rolls by, it won't be as good. I have placed some mango, dragonfruit & a little container of blueberry yoghurt which grandma bought her.

Today's school snack is chocolate cake so a bento would be good.

This is my girl's other bento which I am taking to school. There's fishball, corn chicken sticks, anpanman potato, cherry tomatoes & ketchup.

I offered to make a bento for a friend whose girl is in the same school, as she requested for one a month ago. And since I have all the ingredients ready, it's just a matter of putting it all together in a box. Hope she enjoys it. :)

I'm very excited to have volunteered for today's 'life skills' programme at school. How else would we get to see the girls in school other than through this channel? I will finally get to meet her form teacher, whom I have not met till this day. But then again, I will be meeting her tomorrow for the parent/teacher meet. :)

I have to go get ready to leave for school now. Ciao!

Note - I left a lot of empty 'holes' in the bento due to former experience of having packed too much & thus girls not having enough time to eat. Experienced for myself what a rush it was to eat and play and go back to class.


Winnieeee said...

nice!! :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

Definitely healthier compared to what the school gives. Luckily I don't have to worry about bento yet for this year as her kindergarten ends at 11:55am, so she will be back for lunch. :P

SIG said...

Winnieee - Tks!

lcom - Yes, agree is healthier. Good, but when she starts proper school, you need to start packing for her, right?