Friday, May 15, 2009

Bento #62

My girl hasn't been eating well in the past week... very fussy with food and not much appetite, so I decided to start making bento... the problem is that the fridge has been pretty empty so had to top it up with her favourite veggies. I made her pasta with meatballs last evening to get her to start eating again. However, she preferred the artificial chicken balls to the fresh beef & pork mince ones I made. Sigh.

After having re-stocked my fridge yesterday, I had fresh broccoli, organic carrots, baby corn, cherry tomatoes. I decided to make this bento for her before she left for school today. The sausage bun is made with the Japanese fish sausage which I wanted to clear out. I have not tasted it before, so when she couldn't finish the entire roll, I took over from her and tried it for the first time. I found it not too much to my liking. It tasted very fishy like consuming fish oil. I much prefer the salmon cheese ones which taste like normal sausages.

I'm glad that she finished everything except half the sausage roll. In her bento were broccoli, sugar bunny-shaped carrot, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes, almonds, cashews & some flower biscuits.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hope your girl feels better and starts to eat more again. My eldest is very picky when comes to food, I will have a hard time to prepare a bento for her later.

Susan Yuen said...

Cute idea with the bun!

Jacss said...

probably yr home-made balls are tasteless compared to frozen ones out there, maybe u try to simmer the balls with sauces (tomato, sweet sour, unagi...etc etc) to give the balls more flavours??!!

SIG said...

lcom - Yes, I hope so too. But I see that she eats the stuff you prepare so shouldn't be a problem once you know what her likes are.

Susan - Thanks dear. :)

jacss - I don't think it's not matter of not having enough taste, as in not enough seasoning, as I always season my meatballs with soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil, and corn starch. In fact I also added some oyster sauce and worchestershire sauce. I guess it's more of a texture thing. Besides, it's simmered in tomato sauce so I wouldn't want to add more salt or flavouring to it. I don't approve of kids having too much salt in their diet.