Monday, May 9, 2011

Why do you go to church?

Dear Teens in the row in front of me,

It's not the first time you have sat there, sometimes it's behind, but really what I witnessed yesterday, annoyed me. From the moment mass began, and the fourth person in the group joined in, it was a non-stop chitchat session till the end of mass. You did not care that you were in the Holy presence of God, and did not respect the congregation or the priest. You didn't care at all about the people around you. You carried on with your chatter without listening to a single word the priest said, although you did stand and sit and kneel with the rest of us. Guy in the grey top, the Eucharistic prayer is the most important part of the mass, and the body and blood of Christ is at the altar, not found somewhere on your iPhone.

When we are singing the 'Our Father', it is really okay not to hold hands if you feel it's uncool to hold your guy friends' hands. You didn't have to play the clapping game or catching using your hands. The 3 yr old kid behind me, and others around were better behaved throughout the whole hour in church.

If you are just there to mingle with your friends and have fun, I would suggest KFC which is just a stone's throw away. You get to feed your tummies too.


Yeapies said...

It's sad to see this in church. I think every church will also have this kind of people. It's a total irrespect to the people and specially to the Holy presence.

sohcool said...

It's just so good to have a place to let out. I find it funny, hope you won't be offended. :p